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Monday, 16 April 2012

Am I Like Pontius Pilate?

I know that Easter was more than a week ago now, but a conversation my wife and I had then got me thinking. We were discussing the role of Pontius Pilate in the mystery of Easter. The conversation was on the lines of  `apart from allowing Jesus to be crucified, what exactly did Pilate do wrong?' In other words, where was his sin?

In some lights he can be seen as a victim of circumstance. The passages state that he found no wrongdoing on the part of Jesus. It was clear to him that he was guiltless. What then did he do? He handed Jesus over to be crucified because the chief priests and elders were inciting the crowd to revolt. The priests and elders also threatened him. When they said that since Jesus claimed to be King of the Jews, he undermined the authority of Caesar. The unspoken logic runs like this. If you let Jesus go, then you too also undermine the authority of Caesar. I don't think Pilate would want to be known as a rebel or dissenter. So, to save his own skin, and to ensure peace he handed Jesus over to be crucified. His sin was to look for the easy way out even though it meant someone being condemned to death.

Am I like Pontius Pilate? Do I look for the easy way out?Am I ready to placate a group of people juat to have peace? Even when the peace comes at the expense of someone else or when the group is wrong?

It's something to think about.