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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

The missing Spring

Two weeks ago it was sub-zero, in terms of temperature. Last week the temperature was up to 27C. It remains that hot today. Whilst a 30C or even 60C swing isn't unheard of here over the course of two or three weeks as Winter rolls into Summer, we at least get a few days of Spring each year. At some point the temperature hovers around a nice cool 15C for a few days. The flowers bloom in quick succession. The crocuses first, and then the daffodils out by the first week of April. The trees bloom and then by the end off April the dandelions come out, by which point the temperature is  ready to heat up. This year, with a milder winter (yes just below freezing is mild), the process has started earlier. Unfortunately, we missed the cool temperature part. It really was around freezing one day (with snow) and then up around 20C the next. The flowers have only just come out and I'm in the unusual position of wearing shorts and sandals before the trees have even started to bud.

The cold weather is hard, and I don't do well in the heat. I always look forward to my few days of moderate temperatures, but they have not materialised so far.

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