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Monday, 5 March 2012

Is it a Boy or a Girl?

It's amazing the amount of comments one gets when one is carrying a baby. Even at nearly 5 months I still get a lot of comments from strangers about my baby, even for a culture that is incredibly bouncy (genuine or not -have a nice day!!!). Strangers hardly ever used to speak to me before. The most common question is "How old is he/she/the baby?" The exact phrasing depends on whether the questioner is sure that my baby is a boy or a girl or whether the questioner is not sure. It's actually difficult to tell, either way. After that opening gambit, the stranger will often ask about the sex of the baby, unless that information has already been supplied. My baby is not yet old enough to be running around screaming so strangers are often very pleased to stop, smile and say hello.

No one asks me about me. This can actually be quite useful. Whilst my wife is teaching on campus, I'm often wandering around the buildings having a look to see what is around. No one has stopped me to ask me what I'm doing, but they have stopped to smile at the baby. It's not that I'm going anywhere I shouldn't, but if I was just a guy wandering around I would have been asked whether I was lost or needed help. Now, people seem to assume I'm meant to be places, even with a baby. I guess  they reason that someone wouldn't be on the sixth floor of Microbiology with a baby, unless they were meant to be there.

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  1. It is true - kids are such a useful tool :o)