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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

A Winter wonderland and bronchiolitis

We flew back to the US after spending 3 weeks in England. Before we left the US the weather was mild and aside from a couple of days of frost the weather in England was mild also. There was even a hint of Spring in the air.

It was a bit of a shock to be greeting by a blanket of snow on our arrival. For the first time ever I was not thrilled to see the stuff. The reason for this is that we were travelling with a 3 month old with bronchiolitis. Thankfully she was over the fever stage but she was vomiting a lot. She did get most of it out of the way before we got on the plane by vomiting all over my parents. There was just the one instance of her vomiting on the plane, but unfortunately it was all over me.

The snow was also not helpful when we were driving in it to take the baby to the doctors. Midwesterners deal with snow driving well, but the snow on that day was heavy enough to warrant a Winter Weather Advisory. Our baby is still ill and not doing particularly well as I write. I hope she gets better soon.