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Saturday, 4 December 2010

The Arrival of Winter

Winter finally arrived this morning. We woke up to around 5 inches of snow. Last year the first snow came on the 1st December, so we're a few days behind. Of course, those of you in the UK are used it already, experiencing yet another impressive winter already. There were certainly never very impressive winters in the UK in the years before I left. I'm a bit jealous. I arrived here a few years ago in winter and we had 110 inches of snow. It was great. I hadn't seen much snow in years, and it felt great to finally experience a proper winter. The year after we had 70 inches and -37C temperatures. Last year, we did have some snow, but it seemed quite mild. Of course, that may have been a relative experience.

Since I passed my US driving test, I will have to have my first experience of driving on snow soon. I hope those new tyres are up to it.