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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Changing tyres

Yesterday, my wife and I went to the local branch of a shop that sells a whole variety of products for avid outdoors & mechanical types. It sells winter wear, hunting gear, lawnmowers, lots of John Deere branded clothing, John Deere branded toys, etc. etc. It also will sell you tyres, and if, like us, you're incapable of fitting them yourselves they will do it for you. As academics with very little mechanical car knowledge, we felt quite out of place. Admittedly, I purchased some new winter gloves for the winter that started today. But I was quite unique in not dressing in jeans and a Packers branded winter coat. Anyway, we felt quite foolish not knowing much about our car.

`Ok, so what make of car and year is it?'. - We actually knew that one.
'Is it 4 -or 6 cylinder?'. 'Umm...'
'What type of tyres do you need?'. 'Hold on, we have that written down, let me show you'
'What's the license plate number?' 'Ahhh.....'

At least we knew the colour.

After viewing the rest of the merchandise we waited in the waiting room whilst our car was being serviced. There was a TV in there showing daytime soaps. The plots of these soaps seemed to involve many people not knowing the identity of their baby's father, or their own mother, or having DNA tests faked. There was also some courtroom drama. It was all very badly acted, but provided entertainment for the hour we waited.

In the two and a half years we've owned the car it's needed a headlight and indicator replaced, a cracked windscreen repaired, a new battery and exhaust pipe, the front brakes replacing and two front tyres. I hope it doesn't need anything else soon, because I could do with not having to try and remember what year my car was made in.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Jingle all the way

Last Sunday, one of the commercials was advertising a sale. I have no idea what it was selling, but it was advertising it in conjunction with Veterans Day (Remembrance Sunday, but only for veterans, as opposed to Memorial Day, which is for anyone). Now, I'm not sure how you make Veterans Day into a holiday that requires a sale, but that's beside the point.

The commercial advertised its sale by changing the words of a Christmas carol. This was on November 7th. I'm not ready to listen to Christmas jingles outside of Advent, even if it's technically advertising something else. I realise that people like to get their shopping in order, and sorted in time for Christmas, and that's why certain DIY chains erect a Toy Section at the end of October, but, to me, there is something wrong with Christmas tunes with 48 days to go before the day itself. I like my Christmas time to last between the 20th December and 3rd January.

Actually, in the US, it tends not to be as bad as the UK for excessive decoration before time. We do, at least, have Thanksgiving to provide a buffer against excessive Christmasing by retailers.

That being said, I do need to get some presents bought. After all, there's only 46 days to go.