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Friday, 3 September 2010

The trouble with trains

I have been in England for a couple of weeks now, on a visit, which is why I've not been blogging.

I've just taken a train back up north for a visit. I used to love train journeys, and when I go to Europe, I still do. But in the UK it's very hard work. The cost is quite a lot. I paid £87 for a return journey. I spent 40 minutes waiting in Birmingham and another 30 in Peterborough.

I also miss the older trains which had windows you could open.  On the Voyagers the windows are sealed tight and the stagnant air is pumped around the carriage. The storage space for the luggage is no where near adequate. My case was buried under a giant pile of luggage, and was only able to retrieve it because a lot of people got off at the previous stop.

The highlight of the journey was when one passenger wanted to light up a cigarette out of the aforementioned pull down windows, but could not do so on the modern train. Instead of foregoing he proceeded to smoke in the vestibule and the air became quickly fogged with the aroma of nicotine.

Whatever my quarrels with the UK train service they're infinitely better than those in the Midwest. At least the UK has one.